Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
This is where i stayed yesterday with my crochet and ice water.   Hubby was cutting our rather large yard so i just sat there and crocheted. 
Was sort of down and headachey so i just took it easy.  When i am like that it's best not to sew,  thats the days you have to rip out so much.

I don't know
yet whether i am going to like that green.
I am going to use this 'the neighborood' in with my layer cake because 42 is not going to make as big a quilt as i need.
It is in the same 'mood' as the layer cake and the only thing big enough to work,  i only have 1/2 yd of it so i may have to dig some more in my stash.

Another star, i always put some in for my stars.
Have a great sewing day friends.  
Quilt happy

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Barb said...

I have all this stuff to do and did not do a thing yesterday...shame on me but I do understand about not sewing....sounds like you had a nice day anyways.