Monday, August 19, 2013

Anna's quilt blocks

Hi friends!
The sun is out!
My next blocks for Anna's quilt called the hour glass block.  I still like one more and a star block before i add borders.
We are famous!  Are rather our barn is!!!
This weeks paper has a picture of our barn in it.   The article is about old barns.  It was a shock to see it when no one has been around taking pictures!  i guess they did it from a car.
But that is ours!!!
We had a good weekend even with out our grands, they will be here next weekend.  Got in some sewing and hope to put the grands to work helping me pin Anna's quilt Sat.
When i went out this morning to cut the orka hubby watched from the porch said he might have to get the tractor to pull me out of the mud.   It rained most all night.
But i was fine, i had the middle of the orka row packed down good so i didn't sink !!!!!!
Hope you have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy


laurajane said...

Another lovely block.How cheeky of them to take photos without asking you.Still in a mess here,we now have half a floor so slowly getting better.Only trouble is
I can't Internet very well,keep loing my signal .Not to worry ,we will soon be straight I hope.
Stay well my friend.xx

sewyouquilt2 said...

love the quilt blocks! I know what you mean about sinking in the mud. one time we picked peppers on the farm for market and a hurricane was bringing heavy rains as we picked. you lift one foot and your boot stayed in the mud. try carrying a heavy bushel basket of rain soaked peppers like that. took a long time to get the row picked that's for sure! ha ha
glad you didn't get stuck!

Chatty Crone said...

If we ever meet you are going to have to show me all those quilts.