Friday, August 16, 2013

Christmas block

Hi friends!
Another of these crazy cool days in August.
I have looked at blocks and looked and can't find one that imprires me to make some for Anna's quilt.  So i made a simple 9 patch.  Don't know yet whether i will use it are look some more!!!!
I did work  on my Christmas block.  I really like it!!! Don't know what i will do for background in this block, use red or green or white???  Solid or maybe a tiny print.
At least i have plenty of time to figure that one out!
I was thinking i was suppose to get my grands today but it's next week.  As bad as we have both felt this week that is best , we have felt awful and don't know why.
Nothing you can put your finger on , just feel weak and so tired.    We have both been taking naps every day and we don't usually do that. 
Hope you have a great sewing week end friends.
Quilt happy


laurajane said...

Lovely work.Hope you are both feeling good soon Babs.xx

Karen H said...

Your blocks are very pretty. Hope you feel better when it's time for the great grands to come!