Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hi friends!
Cloudy and a little cold today!
I worked on this quilt all afternoon yesterday and it keep breaking thread , then it started breaking needles.
I got almost all the middle quilted before i gave up.

A sweet friend of mine sent me a copy of the pattern for a barn quilt .
Sorry about the pic!  she also sent me this pattern for a tractor for a child's quilt.
I love them , that barn quilt is on my list of quilt's to make.
That was so sweet of her to send them to me.
I want to start on that barns quilt now!
I am working on 4 quilts at the moment so i had better wait.
If we have a boy great grand i will use the tractor pattern.
Thank you so much Dear  [ you know who you are]
Have a wonderful day friends
Quilt Happy

1 comment: said...

I have that problem with the thread breaking and needle breaking at times. That is when I get frustrated and walk away, but it also takes me forever to finish quilts because of it too.