Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sewing and Work

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I started the side of the quilt yesterday!
A i spy sides and top and bottom.
That Ga. Teck may be to old for him right now but it want be long.
The moon came out big and bright last night , i tried to get a close up but they were awful. It was nearly like day light out there.
They just like a little and caulking everything. They are working outside now!
The house where we added on is not square which made it look rippling.
 Of course that chimney is pushing the whole house south.
The house looks bigger with siding on it. but it 7 rooms and two rooms on the south side porch.
Tommy is going to have to fix that porch now and work on the front one, because insurance co.s want rails and steps with a hand hold.
We usually use the back door that opens on the carport and it just a half of a step.
Have a wonderful sewing day friends.
Quilt Happy

1 comment: said...

That is the charm of an old house. Nothing is straight or square. Kind of like my quilt blocks. :)