Friday, February 6, 2015

A Little pillow for Tommy

Hi friends! Beautiful cold day!
Tommy sits in his recliner for hours every day in the winter.
We got him a new one for Christmas but yesterday he was complaining that there was a hard spot low in the back of it.
So i grabbed a fat quarter sewed it up , stuffed it and here it is!

Same color both sides! It looks like heart so just goes with this month.
I was tying to get a picture of it in the seat but he sat down to fast.
  I told him if that was to much i would make him one with battening in it that would be flatter.
He hasn't said yet whether he wants me to make him one flatter or not. 
I am still working on this but it wants to fight , it's so heavy it pulls so its hard to get the saching to meet. It meets perfectly but when you hold it up it slips so that the whole thing is off by a little. I will figure it out pretty soon.
Got to get to work!
Quilt Happy


Rosa said...

Congratulations,less to go.Gorgeous projects.Have a great weekend!

MartiDIY said...

I like the pillow. And if it helps back pain, so much the better. said...

Oh it sucks when your back hurts how sweet of you to make him a pillow. You may have to resort to pinning. :D

Mary Marcotte said...

Perfect pillow for low back pain and for decorating! As for the heavy quilt, you're struggling now, but you'll be happy to have the extra warmth when you're nice and toasty under it! Try to keep that in mind when it's fighting back. Happy weekend!