Thursday, February 12, 2015

Brad and Aubree's quilt

Hi friends!
 Deep freeze coming!
I found plenty of backing for the borders. Guess i will start putting them together today.  I just like about 10 inches finishing the last side.
It's pretty long, yesterday i measured it and  it's nearly finished. I am so glad that i have it this far along.
After all the running around we are just resting today, was suppose to keep Tucker but Daughter  text and said his daddy was off work today and would keep him.
It's to cold to do much running around today!

I think the last cold spell took the life out of my bush!  This one has always had blooms on it but same thing but another bush planted not far from it has never had one on it.
Tommy is cleaning out the heater again today because i sew in the room with the heater and it gets fuzz in it from my fabric..
Going to get busy !
Have a great day.
Quilt Happy

1 comment: said...

Your borders are looking good. Is that a Camillia? We can't grow them here, too cold. My grandmother had two huge ones outside her front door that always had the most fabulous pink flowers.