Friday, February 27, 2015

Ryan and Jess's Quilt

Hi friends.!
I have been working off and on, on this quilt.
I think it time to add something else , a block line or another line of the bigger scraps.
This  picture is the the snow from the carport
It's suppose to rain most every day next week so this will all melt..
On the fifteenth i broke a needle and hunted every where for one, then i read a email that said 100 needle's for $12.99 so ordered them . It has taken them a while to get here. I think at first they had so many orders that they had a hard time filling them. But after they shipped they changed the day several times, must be because so much of the US is under snow. I have ordered from them before and got it in a few days. At least i have needles to last for a while.
I have never ordered needles from them before but a few at Walmart is 4 dollars so i hope this is a good buy.

That fabric I won and got at the first of the week makes great zipper pouch's, i added a small zipper pocket but was to lazy to change my foot so it pokes out a little.
I guess this one is for me!
Have a great day friends.
Hugs Quilt Happy


KatieQ said...

That's a good price for Organ needles. It may be all in my head, but I like them better than the Schmetz I pick up locally.
Glad to see your snow is melting. We are getting another storm tomorrow. This winter is making me feel old. said...

I have never used Organ needles, but I always see certain machines that is the needle that comes with them. Wow your snow is almost all gone.