Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hi friends!\
This is how big it will be when i get that last joined together.
Should be able to do that this afternoon.  I am thinking about piano keys down each side so that it will be plenty wide enough.

Look who came to see us this morning, Isn't he a little doll.
This is his daddy. My grandson Cody. You have to take a picture fast because Tucker is moving all the time.
We had a rat get in the bathroom fan/light and he chewed the wires into so Tommy had to fix that . It great when your hubby is handy! I don't know what we do with all the money we save!!!!!  
See this!   Spring is on it's way . But we always have another 6 weeks of winter no matter what the ground hog says.
Have a great sewing day friends, I intend to!!!!
Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

She is a doll and i love your quilt!

Terry said...

What a cutie, How do you get spring sprouts? We still have cold temps and snow on the ground

Podunk Pretties said...

Oh it looks like he's a little camera ham! Cute! So do you add the piano key borders in the same way? said...

Cody is a cutie. Your quilt is coming along. Eww a rat. A mouse got into the chicken coop. The girls made short work of it.

PugMom said...

I am envious of your bulbs! Mine are buried under 4 feet of snow. I will have to wait to see them in March!

Cheryl said...

Barbara your quilt is going to be so lovely and nice and big. How lovely to have this cutie pie come to visit