Friday, May 1, 2015

Our Day

Hi friends!
This one is orange instead of red.
And this one doesn't even show up!
Guess i will have to make another in the place of this.
But i will use it some where.
And i am using up scraps!
Tommy cut down brush and small trees yesterday!
Don't know how he ever did with out that tractor.
Hes out there today cutting down some more!
The trees were on the road so i had to pull on a rope to keep them from falling in the road.
He want let me do any thing else because of poison Oak.
Just had to stop and do band aid duty, a brair got him though his gloves.
He want even let me touch a towel after he has dried his hands with it because he is afraid i will get poison oak.
Years ago i had it so bad that i ran a fever with it.
I am going to stop making blocks for this quilt because i just found out yesterday that my sweet Gracie had sent me a message after Easter , that i never got, and wants me to make her a rainbow quilt. And i need to make sweet Lola Rose a quilt for a big girl bed, made her one a couple of years ago before she was born but haven't made her one since. I have been looking at patterns for a rain bow quilt but so far don't like the ones i have seen for a sweet little nearly 6 year old. She wanted it for her birthday next week but maybe she will get it  in the month of may. I may make her a rainbow pillow case to match if i every find a pattern.
Have a great day friends.
Got much to do!
Quilt Happy

3 comments: said...

DH keeps me away from the brush too because of the poison ivy. A rainbow quilt sounds fun.

afistfuloflemons said...

Ooh, I hope you find that elusive pattern.

Fingers crossed on that poison ivy!

Needled Mom said...

I can't wait to see rainbows popping up on your blog!!!