Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rain and Baskets

Hi friends!
Yesterday we got a lot of rain. That makes two days of pouring down rain in the afternoons.
If it had done this for a hour we would have had flooding here.
We live on the side of a hill so it just rolls on down to the neighbors pond.
The garden is loving it but if we continue getting this much rain we wont be able to get in there.
The grass will be taller than our vegetables.
Cleaning the roof of that old barn that his great grand father built.
If it wasn't so full it would fall in!!!
I tease him that he has so much lumber in there that he could build a house
Back to sewing !!!
My fifth basket! It's a little bigger like my last one.
I gave two to Sis when she came over Sat. and she brought me this.
A charm pack that sparkles!
And some Christmas fabric's, she had got to her garage to clean for her move and found some in a box. Not a very good picture!
Today is her last day to work!
From now on she will be back and forth moving and getting her house ready to sale down there.
Getting rid of every thing she doesn't want and trying to find a place to put what she wants to keep in her house up here.
Have a great day friends
 Quilt Happy

6 comments: said...

We jave had storms too but the bad thing is the overhang of the roof prevents my plants from getting water si i need to water them. But the garden is getting a grand start.

Chatty Crone said...

You made a beautiful basket - love it. It has poured rain here two days as well - yikes - big ones.

sewyouquilt2 said...

wow that rain is really coming down. we were supposed to get some. but none yet.

Needled Mom said...

I wish we could get some of that beautiful rain.

Suze said...

We have had so much rain in Oklahoma that it is the second rainiest May in record keeping history. Later in the year, we'll be wishing we had some of the rain. I haven't planted any flowers in over 20 years and decided this was the year. I have some of the plants in the ground and they look pathetic due to the over abundance of rain. I have some plants that are waiting for the rain to stop so I can get them into the ground. I told a friend when the rain stops to give me a call and I'll go help her plant flowers since she has lots and lots of plants waiting for good planting weather. She has developed bronchitis so she'll need help. In the interim, I should be doing indoor chores. Should is the operative word. I can't even seem to get enthused about quilting. It's just dreary and the news reports are awful, too.

andsewon said...

Rains went around us. Hot and humid though. So finally had to put AC on. Lovely baskets and sparkle fabrics! How fun for you to soon have your sewing sister close by.