Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wins and Buterflys

Hi friends!
Look what a very sweet blogger sent me , aren't they adorable?
I won this pin cushion from Mammafairy   and she sent me all of this!
Isn't that sweet.
I won all of this hand painted fabric from a giveaway on threadborn and Julie sent me all these painted bits of fabric. Have yet to make any thing from them but will with all the fabric i win,
Thanks so much to both and please visit their blogs.
I added two small butterflies yesterday and the rest of the green and then had to go some where and lost my mojo.
Just noticed this butterfly is deformed !!!
Kind of warped!
Oh well it takes all kinds in the butterfly world too.
Have a great day friends
Quilt Happy

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Rosa said...

Great wins and more to come.Enjoy!