Thursday, January 12, 2017

Microwave cozy's

Hi friends!
Back to making microwave cozy's.
Amy  want's one so I will make her a few.
I made this one first and cut out two of the red bottomed one's.
I will mail it to her next week.
She should get her pillow shams today if the postal service is right.
We carried Tonia's and Abby to them when we went to pick up our meds. They both work at the drugstore.
My daughter has the flu and Missy was sick all week to. She spent last week at the hospital with Ed and came home sick.
Makes you worry about  going to hospitals!
Some one in our area died from the flu and it's bad right now . The flu shot they said was a good match but people that got the shot are getting the flu to.
We have been staying at home more because it's so bad this year.
Stay healthy


sewyouquilt2 said...

those cozy's are being made left and right down there. LOL you go girl

Needled Mom said...

Great cozies! The flu season seems to have hit with a vengeance everywhere.

margaret said...

lots of freinds and relatives are benefiting from your cozies. Sorry to read about the flu I never have the injection so far have never had flu either fingers crossed it stays that way said...

Cute cozies. I bought some fabric to start making them for Christmas gifts.

Chatty Crone said...

If you are not sick when you go in - you will be sick when you go home!