Friday, January 13, 2017

Q-Bees Metting

Hi friends!
We had Q-Bees last night , first time in the new year.
These are Vicky's, we have seen the one on the bottom before.
She hand stitches every thing!
This is the one she is working on now.
Our teacher holding a quilt she is hand quilting for some one.
This is Charlotte's that she is working on.
Our Teacher brought battening and a tote full of Fabric that she was giving away. I got some of that. She gets rid of small pieces where I save them for scrap quilts.
The battening was so every one would have the same kind in our quilt for this years quilt show. We are each doing two blocks and hand quilting them together with sashing.
I had some just like it so I didn't get any  battening or the muslin  because I had some of that to.
Finally got my book this morning!
I ordered this on the first and it's just now getting here!
Going to put it to good use! Making me a quilt!
Dawn and her gang  will hopefully have close to the same quilt.
Have a good one


Chatty Crone said...

Boy there are some talented women there including you.

sewyouquilt2 said...

so glad you got your book ! I love your cow and cant wait to see your other blocks as we go along....... the milkcan is called milking day I think. not too bad to do.....

Ioleen Kimmel said...

Looks like a great bunch of ladies and some great quilts. I searched my stash and nothing in the colour you wanted. I do have some fat eights, Jinny Beyer design, if you would like them just let me know. Email me your address and I will mail them to use. I don't see that I will be using them.

margaret said...

amazed that Vicky makes everything by hand must take for ever making the blocks but so much more relaxing I imagine than machining.
Good to see you have the book, maybe I will take mine off the shelf and have a look but must get some of my projects competed before I start anything else

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Glad you got your book. Yay! A quilt for you. You are pretty darned lucky to have a group of ladies to meet with and enjoy your stitching with each other.
xx, Carol