Thursday, January 5, 2017

Next Month

Hi friends!
One of my first quilts !
Went to get new glasses yesterday and it's my cataracts instead!
So I go to see about surgery next month.
I will have to sew fast to get finished with a few things because I don't know whether it will stop me from sewing or not.
I know from Tommy's they don't want you around lint  or dust or any thing that could get in your eyes, so I may have to give it up for a while.
Another picture of the four cozy's  I made for Tonia and Abby.
No sewing yesterday because my eyesight wasn't good until late.
I did get the tree down and all the decorations put up. And some cleaning done.
I may go crazy if I can't read or sew after the surgery because t.v. is something I hate.
I watch the news and N.C.I.S. and that's about it.
I will have to lesson to my kindle!
At least I have that!


Terry said...

Same thing happened to me this year. The surgery is not bad at all, eye feels picky for a couple of days after. I got thru it so I know you can too.

Chatty Crone said...

You can do it but you might have to wait a little while to sew - you are right - I think you will have to protect them for awhile.

Ioleen Kimmel said...

I had both eyes done. One in February and one in March. I did wear a patch for a week or so. I also had to get reading glasses. The surgery was a breeze and no pain. Let us know how your appointment goes. said...

That would be tough. It will go good though. Love the cozies you have finished.

Quilting Babcia said...

Good luck with the surgery. It will be worth it after the healing time. I'm facing the same thing probably later this year. We can get through this, and won't those fabrics look brighter and prettier when we can see them clearly!

Needled Mom said...

You will love it after it is done, but it's not fun to anticipate.

margaret said...

I cannot remember if I was able to sew after having mine done but as they only did one at a time the other eye was uneffected, shame it did not stop me having to wear glasses all the time but it helped with night driving and the glare of headlights, mind you no longer have a car so no more driving.

Rose said...

I often wonder how I would survive without sight! I hope you don't have to be without it too long. People I know have had great success with cataract surgery.