Friday, January 12, 2018

Allie's and Kristian's quilt

Hi friends!
These are the blocks I have made so far on Allie's Quilt.
Was suppose to go to Q-Bees but chickened out ! So much flu going around right now. With Tommy having COPD I was afraid I would bring it in on him.
I ordered Navy For Kristian's  quilt and it came today.
She want her's to be a lap quilt with Berry College colors and it to be close to the one her boyfriend has.
I still have to find the light grey. She is getting me a t-shirt with the Berry logo to go in the middle.
I ordered my years supply of piecing thread . I get these from Connecting Threads and they had then on sale when I ordered. Three for the price of two!
Seriously they do last me about a year and I make a lot of quilts.  Not on sale they are 9.99.
Hope to get lots done this weekend.
Hope your's is good


Chatty Crone said...

You have been busy. That is a lot of thread. I love the Berry blanket. Both my kids spent some time at Berry - did I tell you that? Love your quilt. Sandie

Jen said...

Hello Barbara, lovely to see what you have been doing. Lucky getting a bargain with your thread. I am getting my back log up to date but havn't posted them as yet. Don't get the flu!!

Julierose said...

Allie's quilt is coming along really well--very pretty colors...
Good deal on that thread...I am still under the weather here, so not sewing as yet...waiting for the "deep freeze" to hit us...hugs, Julierose said...

Does the connecting thread have a lot of lint? You are doing pretty good getting another quilt done.

Barb said...

Love Connecting threads and very affordable....wonderful berry quilt.