Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Making Blocks

Hi friends!
Yesterday I laid out every thing to see how many blocks I need.
Started making them.
Yesterday I got a comment saying she though one point was off! Have lost the email but want to thank her because where it's so light one is backward. Nice having friends that let you know before you get it quilted. Its so light right there that it doesn't show up good.
Thankfully I have done nothing to that so it's a easy fix.
You can see I need to make about five blocks! I think I got four made yesterday.
We are waiting for the snow to start , it's already snowing in Chattanooga so it shouldn't be much longer.
Tommy checked old tractor's yesterday and pulled a muscle in his back so he went to see Dr. Jeff early. Plenty of anti-freeze in both!
Wind chill tonight is suppose to be below zero.
Stay warm friends


Angie&Gary Short said...

Stay warm! Your quilt is looking awesome!! Have a great day!!

Chatty Crone said...

I did not notice something wrong with the star - sorry.

Okay school is closed tomorrow! said...

Looks gorgeous. So how is the snow?

Julierose said...

Oh I really like that darker sashing--makes those pretty stars stand out so well..
So far, we've just had rain--how much snow did you get there??? Our rivers are all full of huge ice floes right now--so Coast Guard is breaking up the ice jams for us...amazing what Mother Nature can do....Stay warm hugs, Julierose