Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Jarrod's Quilt

Hi friends!
Well today is the last of this month and all I like binding this is about 6 inch's.Should get it into the washer after while.
Got this yesterday! ordered it a couple of days after I ordered the grey and this is here from Craftsy and the grey from Connecting Threads isn't!
Oh well I need to get some measurements for Krissy's before I start her's  any way.
My knee was great Monday and yesterday until we went to find a shower and had to climb up some old creaky stairs and down .
Between my knee and them loading chickens all night  I don't know whether I sleep at all.
Hope it gets better by it self because I don't want to sit in the Dr. office with all this Flu going around..
Hopefully this will get put in next week!
Have a good one

2 comments: said...

Are you putting in a shower stall? Love the blue you bought.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't want the flu either - try to wait it out. What do y ou mean find a shower?