Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday finish

Hi friends!!!
Cloudy but nice today.
hubby is cutting grass as he does every Friday....
No. 64 is our grandson, and this bottom picture is his sis and her boyfriend and you can see him standing on the sidelines.  He plays on defence...a super good player, so serious about playing.
Our grands, nearly all of them have played sports since they were 4 years old!!!!
All but my daughters because she is the only parent so it's all she can do to make ends meet with out being off work to go to off games.
 Knew i wouldn't get any thing else finished so i made this pot holder yesterday.
I am still taking out seams of that last baby quilt.  But will most likely get it finished this weekend.
Bye the way  our granddaughter is the one on the right of the picture.  it's hard to tell sometimes!!!!!

That great purse i won from 'sew caroline' in her 1000 followers giveaway last week. Isn't it lovely?
We were sitting out side this morning drinking our pot of coffee and 3 deer came walking out of the trees and stood there staring at us. Hubby says they are roaming  now because it want be long until bow season starts and they will hide then.
Well good sewing
Quilt Happy


Barbara Woods said...

glad to be here

sewyouquilt2 said...

We have a group of fox here that are getting bold and worrisome. One of them one day we found on our front porch sleeping in the cat's carrier. he walked out of there stretching as if to say oh, wheres breakfast? we shooed him off the porch but have seen him a couple times and each time he is on peoples porches.around 5 am when it was pitch black this morning I heard a cry sound. the vet across the street says it was the fox and that someone killed one but saw a pack of like 5 or so. LUCKY US!

sewyouquilt2 said...

I would rather have deer! LOL

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