Thursday, September 6, 2012

Log cabin

Hi friends!!!    The sun is shining!!!!!
Hubby is a little better, he has felt awful all week.
But he gave it to me.!!!!
I feel like crap!!!
I usually get better faster then he does so here's hoping.   I was up at 4.30 this morning taking aleve and a hot shower trying to get rid of the pain!!  You hurt in every joint!
Now to sewing..... none..... I am thinking about running that log cabin on out till it's big enough for a baby quilt top. has anyone every done that?
Maybe i will feel better soon.    Love you all and want to say hi to all my new follower. make yourselves at home.Ii wont to have a follower's giveaway soon stay tuned.
Good sewing
Quilt Happy


laurajane said...

Hope you're feeling well soon Barbara.
Laura xx

sewyouquilt2 said...

want me to send some chicken soup? feel better soon. (((hugs)))