Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hi friends!!!
Great day today!
I have been sewing cheap cloth together in 3" blocks to try to make a oven mitt.   If i work out how to do it ,this will go in my kitchen and i will make another one for my daughter.   She ask me to make her one.

I am still taking out stitches in my baby quilt...hopefully will be finished tomorrow? Maybe
We have a football game to go to this afternoon.  Will post pictures tomorrow!!
This is out 14 year old playing in high school varsity.
He is growing up so fast.  I still see him when he started walking with his arms in the air.
Makes me feel so old!!! Of course my grand son that in college and those that are fathers really makes me feel old!!!
Hubby is working him self to death trying to get as much done outside as he can before it get cold.   He has copd so he can't work outside when it's to cold or to hot.
Must get to work.
Have a good sewing day!!!
Quilt Happy

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sewyouquilt2 said...

projects are looking good. google oven mitt and I bet you will find patterns out there.
hope hubby takes it easy soon. COPD is not fun!