Monday, September 17, 2012

Pink quilt

Hi friends!!!
Rainy here today!!!
I am trying quilting in strips!! I saw a video  of rose smith's so i got my courage up and quilted my first strip... So far so good....
 I will have a time joining them i am sure.
I will most likely get that done this week and if i don't have to much trouble joining them together, should have it ready for binding by the weekend. Then i will have to hide it until November.
Just wont to tell all my followers that Wednesday i am having a giveaway.
Now i need to sew!!!!
Good sewing day to all  Quilt Happy


Miss Holly said...

Looking good!!! I just want to tell you that I drove to Virginia yesterday and today to see my wonderful friend I told you about...743 miles!!! all by myself!! We met in the 9 th good to see her....I showed her your lovely comment to her after she lost her son...she was very touched..thank you again..

laurajane said...

Looking great Barbara.Its going to be a beautiful gift for her to treasure.Cant wait to see it all finished.
Laura xx