Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Picture overload

Hi friends!!!
Cloudy , rainy, and we have already got over 3 inches.
The hummingbirds we showing out this morning!!!!
Still laying my pink quilt out to see how it will look. I have quilted one third and need to start on another third.
Finished my log cabin baby quilt.   I took out a lot of the outside seams.   I went around and around and it wasn't pinned good and it tucked , so i took them all out and resewed.   I like it!!!!!  Don't know who will get it but i will give it to someone someday.
We went to town yesterday, hubby had a Dr. apps. and we bought groceries . I don't know why but that just wipes us both out for the rest of the day...
Saw my nephew  that i hadn't seen in 35 years!  He lives in the tip of Fla. and i have never been far past Tampa.  My sis lived there  for 25 years.  And after my first husband died we, my mom and me, would go down and stay for a week or just a weekend.  When i got married again , she was shutting the plant down and couldn't come and them she got a job two and a half hours away.  So much better!!!
Well i have got to sew some.
Have a good sewing day  Quilt Happy

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laurajane said...

Very pretty quilt Barbara.It looks lovely hanging on the line.
Pink quilts coming along.
Laura xx