Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hi friends!! Beautiful day out side.
You see what i got myself into, my machine will not sew this!!!!  But she can't afford the money to have someone work on it so grandmaw  opens her big mouth.  I am going to sew my mouth shut!!!
Hubby has a virus, don't know whether he got it from grand kids or at the dr. office when we got our flu shots....either way he is one sick baby!!!
If you don't hear from me you will know he gave it to me..
I am having a very hard time with this dress and i text her to take it to someone else but she begged so i am still working on it. If i pull  it from the back it sews alright but i can't stop pulling it draws up.
 Well i must go take some more seams out and try again...
Have a good sewing day!!!  Quilt Happy


laurajane said...

Hi Barbara,hope hubby is soon well,and hope you don't catch it girl.
If the dress fabric is soft and silky,I sew it with a layer of tissue paper on the top,its makes it a little more stable ,then you just pull the tissue off afterwards.Worth a try if you havnt already tried it.
Laura x

sewyouquilt2 said...

hate those kind of "projects"! once my niece says to me Auntie I am coming over to sew. I go yeah great! I figured we were gonna have fun. she brings over the door panels from her stepfathers car. he wanted the interior fabric replaced and asked her to sew it.she was 18- so she and I "learned" WAY more about how a car door panel goes together than I wanted to know! LOL It came out ok but with great pains!

sewyouquilt2 said...

hope hubby gets well soon. and don't you catch it! lots of sleep and no stress! hopefully the dress works out.