Saturday, November 24, 2012

Birthday!!! Giveaway

i think she likes it!

her daddy's shirt

she had to takes a picture   takes after me
Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I gave red haired girl her quilt thanksgiving and i think she liked it!  She cried!!
That's her hubby holding it up so that she can take a picture.
Her birthday is nov.24th just like mine!  That's her sister  'a' and her birthday is on the 18th of nov.
I had birthday cards for grandkids who's birthday is in nov. and handed them out to 3 of them but didn't get pictures..  Of course they had money in them!!!!  Kids love to get money now and what little we can afford to give them  wont buy things that they wont so they have learned to save!
I will draw the winner of my giveaway at 9:00 tonight. and post the winner  of   the birthday giveaway
So you have until then to enter!!!
Have a great day   Quilt Happy


SewCalGal said...

Happy Birthday to you and red hair girl and her sister 'a'. How special that you all have Birthdays close together. Very festive time, very special time. Enjoy!


Amys Crafty Shenanigans said...

Looks like a beautiful quilt! I love when people shed a tear when we give our handmade goodies to them :)

laurajane said...

I knew red haired girl would just love the quilt Barbara.
Hope all the birthdays are good ones.
Love Laura xx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the birthday girl...happy stitching up more have a superb blog...very inspiring.


Doniene said...

Happy Birthday!

hafza said...

Happy Birthday!! Lovely quilt!