Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hi friends! 
Pretty day!!!
That's all the sewing that i got done yesterday.    Worked on my tree some but am not Thur  yet.
See the picture of the moon and that little star?   That star stayed right with that moon as long as i could see it.  We went to bed at 12 o:clock so i didn't look after that.
We went and bought a refrigerate today but all they had was black so they are ordering one for us.
Every think else is white in my kitchen so white it will be!!!!
Ate lunch at red lobster and it was great as always.  To me their biscuits are dessert!!!!!
We had to go to the Toyota place to get my car a gas cap  hopefully that will make my check engine light go off...
Hubby had a gift card from sis for his birthday in july  for tractor supply that he hadn't used so we got him a john deere jacket with it and as i was going out the door  saw a   cook book that proceeds was going to feed the hungry so i bought it.
 Like i need another cook book..
Have a great sewing day  Quilt Happy

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