Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi friends!
Lovely but cold here!!
I got my 'fix'  last night making these stars.  And making a mess!!!!  don't forget our blog hop with giveaways coming on the  10th!!!
Hubby is on the treadmill right now!  He only Liston's to me every once in a while but i have told him a million times that when you hurt the best thing you can do is exercise...
His mother had a slight heart attack when she was in her 60th and when to bed!!! H   er husband waited on her hand and foot.  She layed down and waited until; she was 91 to die!!!   Sshe was so afraid to move but you can't do that!!!!   Life is a blessing that you should never take for granted or waste. 
But i am so afraid  that hubby will do that too.  His  sis has just about done it!!!   Her hubby has to make her get up.  he must have listened to me to.

Rant over with!!!!
I made two wonky stars last night for  little 'a' s pillow and made a mess .  You should see under the table!!!
One of the pictures show the sparkle of the pink fabric.   They are not the same fabric but so close... One is just a little lighter.
I put the box of ornaments in there near the tree and maybe i will get time to put some on the tree later today..     I usually have my finished  by now and my wreaths on my doors by thanksgiving but not this year.
Got to get busy!!   Have a great one dear friends   Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

I think stars are hard to make just on paper let alone a quilt! Good job. sandie

StitchinByTheLake said...

I got my tree up has lights already on it since they're attached. But it will be the weekend before I get anything else done I'm sure. Pretty pink! blessings, marlene