Thursday, November 8, 2012

Early birthday present

Hi friends!
Beautiful today but chilly!
Hubby got a plow for his early christmas present.    That little bit of medal that goes on his tractor was 300 dollars.  Of course at the dealers where he got his tractor, they   wonted  6oo dollars, so it was a deal!!!
Well he now has our garden all turned over for the winter.
I didn't turn on my  sewing  machine yesterday!!     I unpicked some on the pink quilt.     As soon as i figure out how to fix it and get it fixed,  i will take it out side and take pictures.
Have a great day , i have got to work on that quilt!!!!
Quilt Happy


Tracee said...

Well I bet he has a smile from ear to ear. It would sure beat getting out there and doing it by hand.

Miss Holly said...

That's some snappy lookin tractor!!!