Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blog hop

birthday present

Hi friends!
Cloudy and drab here today!
Looks like it going to snow any minute but it's a little to warm to.
I am  going to be in the blog hop with giveaways starting on the 10th of dec.  We  are celebrating 5 years with a happy birthday for the blog hop.   Michele Foster at quilt gallery is the host.  It's a great way to find new blogs to read and maybe win some booty.....
See what   step-daughter  'a' got me for my birthday,  she does yard sales and saw this  and though of me.   There is nothing i would have loved more.
We have run around the last 2 days and i have got nothing done.... so i must work some.  I am about to go in the d t's or what every you do when you havn't been sewing ....
Have a great day   Quilt Happy


laurajane said...

You make me laugh Barbara,hurry up and get your sewing out.....Laura xx

Doniene said...

Love those plaids!! What fun!! Looking forward to the blog hop!! Thanks for sharing!!


Miss Holly said...

Oh my God ..You crack me up!!!! What a GREAT gift!!! I agree...I couldn't think of anything better!! Well ...... Happy
Birthday!!! And By the way...You are one lucky Gal!! You won A give a way!! yahoo!! xx

Margie said...

I would be doing a "Happy Dance" if I found that at a yard sale. You are so very lucky to have another set of eyes that know what you like. Have fun with it!!!