Friday, April 25, 2014

April finish

http://www.se  Click this link!!!!
Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I signed up for the one Christmas present or some thing for my Christmas to use in my home with sewcalgal
This is mine for this month!!!
Two new Ornaments for my tree!
When you are retired you haven't a lot of money to buy them so now I am making my own!!!
I stuffed these with left over battening from my quilt's.
It's a very simple thing, had these in some Christmas  fabric and though they would look good hanging on my tree!
Go over to her blog and check out the thing's every one is making.
Most of these people that are in this are a whole lot better than I could ever be.
Have a great day!
Babs or Quilt happy

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Patty Antle said...

Great idea! I like your ornaments.