Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our baby's

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
Our baby Bentley
 is growing fast!   Maybe I will get to see him at her shower next Saturday. Then I will post pictures!

This was Tommy on Thursday , the Dr. said with goggles he could and we went and bought some
But he didn't use john deer because it slings dirt all over you.  This one throws it out the back,  he's happy his grass looks good again!
This is a picture of the smartest in the senior class at Lafayette high school and Anna is middle row last on the left.
We should see a picture of Kristian soon because with her grades she should be top 10 present too.
Our Anna get her diploma on Friday night and our Kristian gets her''s on Saturday morning, so we should be able to go to both.
Anna's prom is tonight, can't wait to see her in her prom dress.
Quilt happy
Have a great sewing week end friends.

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Tommy was chomping on the bit to get out and about in the yard. He needs to be very careful. How great that your grands are so smart.