Friday, April 18, 2014

Nearly done!

Hi friends!
Cloudy day!
This is my half quilted quilt laying on the couch for me to rip out a line of stitches.
When I get them out I will just like a little finishing quilting it.
We got up and we went to see the Dr. early this morning.
Tommy was so sick at his tummy that I though we would have to go later but we made it 30 minutes before time for our apt . It was at 8: o'clock
He said every thing looked real good and we came home and took a short nap.
Old people need their sleep!
When I was young I could go days without enough sleep but it takes a tole now.
For Easter I am cleaning one room each day so that the house will be clean.  Started Monday , that way I still get to sew every day.
Can't do with out my daily fix.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy 

3 comments: said...

I hear you. We got up at OMG Dark o clock this morning to go and make waffles for the kids and watch them until their mamma got home from work. We came home, worked in the yard, then had to nap.

Joan H. said...

Received the fat quarters and they are lovely. The additional charms were such a sweet surprise. Thank you so much.
Hope your husband continues to do well. He will enjoy his "brighter" world.
Joan Hanson

Swedish Scrapper said...

Napping sewing cleaning-- and then repeat! I hope your dear hubby is feeling better. Love that sneak peek on the sofa!