Thursday, January 29, 2015

Brad and Aubrees Quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day! Welcome to all my new followers. If any one leaves a comment on my blog I see if I can follow their blog but glad for so many new follower with the Grow Your Blog hop.
Yesterday we ran around to much and i didn't get a whole lot done on my quilt.
Did get a little bit after supper and before dishes and treadmill.
Sewing on one double at a time to get the right length.
Nearly half of a quilt, i want to make it big enough to fit a queen sized bed!  I think it's long enough now !  I will work on another half today but i will still need a row of singles down the sides to be big enough to hang off the sides.
This way of sewing them together is much easier.
You sew the front and back sash on at the same time.
This is plenty long enough!!!  It's hard tiring to keep the squares that are suppose to go in one direction and the strips all lined up at the same time.
But it looks real good and if this works out I may make a lot of quilt's like this. The way things are I don't get to make king sized quilts because I don't have the room but this way you could.
Have a wonderful day friends.
Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

You have to be a genius to do that - nice!

LA Paylor said...

love this method.

I didn't do the grow your blog hop, didn't know about it but wish I had.

LeeAnna at not afraid of color

MartiDIY said...

Your quilt looks good. Did you redo any that you had done before? I don't remember the green sashing before.

I demonstrated this method in quilt group this morning and all the ladies got really excited about it. I love how easy it is and looks good when done. said...

Looks to be working out well for you. Great idea for doing a very large quilt.

pearl said...

The outcome is really nice.