Monday, January 5, 2015

Machine and UFO

Hi friends!
The sun is shining!
 Bad picture but if you look you can see my needle goes down in the feed dogs!
It bent this needle and i can't find a way to move the needle bar so i guess it goes in the ones that want work.
Don't look at the awful sewing but this is one of my first makes. Flash washed it out.
You can see i never finished it!  I started tying it but just gave up!
Tommy's feet used to get cold at night , now not so much but that was the reason for making it.
It has places that the fabric didn't catch and needs tying, i tied maybe 1/3 of it , and a binding added. So this is one UFO i need to finish! That was before i started this blog  which made it easier just to throw it in the closet.
The main reason I started this blog was so i wouldn't do that again.
I cut a lot of scraps up to start  making  my first scrap quilt to over the weekend. Need a few more so i will keep cutting.
Have a wonderful sewing day friends.
Quilt Happy


Julierose said...

Oh but I love to see first quilts--mine was simply a group of 6" squares in 3 green fabrics with a solid green backing and hand tied made for for my Father when he was ill. It is now resting on my Mom's bed in her Nursing Home keeping her, my 1st quilt is still useful, too. ;--)))
Isn't it funny to look back and say, "Now, what prompted me to make that first??" Fascinating...Really cute quilt puff...hugs, Julierose said...

I am sorry you can't get your machine working. My first project was a quilt in the day log cabin quilt. I still have it. There was nothing really about quilting, just tying and it is pretty flimsie looking.

sewyouquilt2 said...

first quilts are always fun to look back at. then you can see how far you have come. mine was all polyester fabrics. yeah 70s psychedelic style. and tied with yarn. ugh......problem is polyester will probably be around longer than I will. LOL

Chatty Crone said...

I think it was beautiful and I am so sorry that you can't get your machine to work.