Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Slow going

Hi friends!
Cloudy again!
My dashboard did have another language on it then my bloglovin  site had it yesterday so i uninstalled and re installed  my Firefox. Seams to have solved the problem but i still wonder what it was.
I took this block apart with 'jack the ripper' yesterday and put it back together..
So now i am taking it apart again.
Going to watch the video as soon as i finish here.
This is my fabric and i am going to see if the red will work with it later
This little machine is a Euro-pro and for 20 dollars it's a great bargain. Makes a great seam and zigzags , about all i need besides my big brother for quilting.
It has a metal bobbin under the machine like the old machines always did.
Hoping to get a few years use out this.
It says it  solid Medal.
When Alisha sews with me she uses it, i have done some sanding on the thread track and it is much smoother.
The sun shined yesterday and i had to get out and take a walk. The temps got up into the 50ths.
Cloudy and 32 today and falling all day long , maybe 6 tonight.
Hope you'll have a warmer day!
Quilt Happy


Rosa said...

Hello Barbara,Happy New Year!!

Enjoy your new toy and have fun playing with them!!

Chatty Crone said...

Jack the ripper! lol And what do you mean a different language? said...

I never saw the weird language. Glad you fixed it. Jack the Ripper is my friend.

Trish C said...

We all have to use Jack from time to time. We are having the same weather as you are here in Tennessee down to 6 tonight...its already awful out now.