Saturday, January 3, 2015


Hi friends!
Rainy day!
This is what i am sewing on right now! Giving my Brother a rest.  It quilted a lot of quilts last year so it deserved a rest.
I had to sand down a few rusty places but it runs good. Every think works well on it but it's loud so when i stopped sewing day before yesterday i oiled her down good.  I just gave 20.00 dollars for her so that's pretty good. It's a euro-pro! I had never heard of that name before
My Kenmore needle is hitting something  underneath so when it stops raining long enough for Tommy to go to the shop he will get me a allen wrench to work on it.
I watched a lot of u-tube videos yesterday and am going to try my hand at it.
It is the timing i think so maybe it will run when i get through with it.
Before it started  that it was sewing the prettiest stitches!
Looks like i am going to have to fix them for myself because it cost so much to have them fixed.
My Janome is just sitting on the table , it's been messed up since June  or July.
One that just works 6 months before going to be fixed is just to much. That's the worst 300.00 dollars i ever spent. Last time it cost me 85$  just to get her running again. Total plastic!
He brought in the allen wrenches and we got it turned so now its not hitting down in there but it still hits that foot that came with it.
When you see the range of the needle for zigzag you know it has to have another foot to do that.
Just have to work some more on it maybe we can get it running again. I will order her another foot, i think i can get the manual for free with this one.
Have a great rainy day friends.
Quilt Happy

5 comments: said...

Nothing more frustrating than machine problems. Especially if they get out of time. I only had one and it was a bugger to get straightened out.

Dora, the Quilter said...

Might be time to start looking for used, metal, vintage machines.

Needled Mom said...

It really is frustrating to have our machines out of sorts. I hope you can figure it out so you can get back to sewing.

Terry said...

Oh how frustrating. I have a Brother that has worked great and all of a sudden it froze up on me. Still sitting there. I went to St Vincents and paid $40 for an older metal Singer and it works good. But it takes a different bobbin and there is only one so I will go on amazon and see if I can finf bobbins for it. Hope you get the problem solved.

sewyouquilt2 said...

yep bummer to have a machine down. that is why I talked hubs into me having more than one. if mama aint happy, nobodys happy LOL good luck