Thursday, January 8, 2015


Hi friends!
I am still cutting up scraps as you can see.
We went over to see brothers new kitchen yesterday and to deliver some ornaments that i made for Nieces and Nephew.
I started some before Christmas but hated them so had to start over.
These are the first ones i made, they  had brown gingerbread men on them and i don't like brown.
The one with the shining button is nearly finished.
To me these look more like Christmas.
A closer picture!
Yesterday we went over to see brother new kitchen and i wore my new half gloves!
It was really cold and these are great, Thanks Laurajane, i love them.
His new kitchen!
Love all that lovely white, so clean looking!
My pocketbook sitting on the counter, and little presents!
He put in more cabinets than he had before so they could store more.
Hubby didn't say much because he doesn't want to work on my kitchen, i know how he thinks!!!
His kitchen was like mine , dark cabinets!
Have a great day and stay warm friends

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I took a break and decided to try to make one of those ornaments. I have the circle cut out! Oh I love the cabinets they are so nice and clean looking. I hate the ones we have they are the "golden oak" which you see in every house that was remodeled in the 80's.