Friday, June 30, 2017

Nearly A Flimsy

Hi friends!
I counted yesterday and I needed three more !
So I spent yesterday making those.
Then last night I sewed a few into rows.
Five rows, surly I can get those sewed together some time today.
It measures 35 by 44 I think, wish I could figure out how much it will shrink!
Can't sandwich it any way until I get some flannel  bought and washed .
Sis researched wheelchair quilts and it said flannel would keep them from falling off their lap.
I learned quilting from Jenny Doan but she took classes years ago and Jenny  said press to the dark side  but in Sis's classes they taught her to press open her seams and since We are going to hand quilt these we are suppose to iron them open.
Teaching an old horse new tricks is hard!
So much more time consuming!!!
But if I am going to hand quilt I need all the help I can get!
May take me until Christmas next year to finish, haha
Have a good weekend


Julierose said...

Gosh this is a lovely lap quilt!! Someone will certainly cherish it--and i like the flannel idea for the back--makes sense.
I always pressed (and still do) my seams open--it really does make quilting a lot easier--less bulk at crossings too...hugs
hope you all have a happy 4th...Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

Okay you are going to hand quilt this - great - but why - I must have missed that.

margaret said...

the flannel will also keep the owner nice and warm and feel nice too. I am an open seam presser though all the books say not too but as I hand quilt a lot it is easier though if I want to stitch in the ditch I find that impossible on the machine but think it might be because the seams are open, well that is what I blame anyway. How lucky you were to learn with |Jenny Doan I am self taught so probably do things wrong quite a bit!