Friday, June 23, 2017

Reading Day

Hi friends!
This is from Wednesday because it rained all day yesterday.
The big ditch in front of our house. Tommy weed eater it on that day and plowed the garden to.
We just enjoyed the rain yesterday. I started a book but it had to much debris in it to get to the story so I changed to a  Regency Romance. I usually save those for the thread mill but I needed a slow book that was easy reading.
I would guess it was kind of depressing but that was just the mood we were in.
Do you every start a book and it's hard to find the story because of all the words?
I have read all my life and every once in a while I run into one.
You learn to just pick the parts that are about the story and then some times you throw it away.
I have seen some that I couldn't stand to read another minute! They would bore you to death!
I've sewed all my life to but just started quilting when I turned 70.
Right now I need to be in there sewing. About to start Wayne's quilt and Addie's quilt. I have plenty of fabric for Wayne's so today I will look on pinterest for a block that I love.
I have pinned square in a square  quilt and i'm thinking of doing Wayne's quilt like that.
So I will look for a new block to do Addies in.
Some I haven't done before!
Wish me luck
Have a great weekend


laura dowdall said...

Oh I know what you mean about books,I've read all my life too.I love to read I can't go to sleep unless Iv read for an hour.If a book dosnt get me in the first few pages it's gone.Keep quilting Barbara it keeps you young.xx

Chatty Crone said...

i Have started a few books that are completely boring and I just can't get into - for enjoyment I just want them to take me away. I do study Christian books a lot more deeply tho as I am sure you do. Sandie said...

I have a few books like that. I actually suffer through them. Sometimes they get better, but many times they don't. Your ditch is nice compared to ours. Our ditch is deep and too close to the road.

margaret said...

like you I sometimes can`t get into a book. Like a light read for relaxation especially on a lovely sunny day when I can sit in the garden , also read in the bath!
Hope you find a block to your liking, I need to find something to stitch as I have just finished hand quilting my latest quilt