Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Q-Bees Quilt

Hi friends!
My whole blog post just disappeared!!!
So I will start over!
Sleep great last night , two Advil did the trick. I just hate to add meds to what I already take.
 That seam that runs all across adding the last row {I hope} is all I like. Which is good because Q-Bees is tomorrow.
Maybe I want have to take out ever stitch that I put in today!!!
Went with Tommy to the Dr. yesterday. Dr. Bowers wasn't there and he saw Taylor , which I would never have believed before.
Taylor is maybe 5 feet 100 lb's and  a cutie . She works with Dr. Bowers. Tommy has refused to see any one but His Dr. before but he was worried yesterday. She said he had a touch of bronchitis in one lob. He had coughed all night while I  was trying to go to sleep. Same night! Now he is on Meds and should be fine.
With C.O.P.D. you can't take any chances.
We have went at the first sign for years now and keep him as healthy as possible.
Hope to finish this today!
Have a good one


Charlene S said...

Stay healthy.

Julierose said...

Glad you got help and that you slept finally! missing sleep is so hard the next day.

Your quilt will be just fine...looking good hugs, Julierose

Mama Spark said...

Thanks for linking up over at Mama Spark's World. LMK if you need help creating a link back sometime!

Chatty Crone said...

I hope all works out on the quilt and your quilting bee tonight. I didn't know Tommy had COPD I am glad he takes care of it right away! sandie said...

The quilt is looking great. Hope Tommy feels better, and glad you got some rest.

Ioleen said...

The quilt looks good. Sending good thoughts for Tommy.

margaret said...

Hope Tommy feels better soon that COPD is not nice one of my brother`s the one that had the heart attack has it too