Monday, June 26, 2017

Week End

Hi friends!
Started Wayne's quilt!
Square in a square, 14 1/2 inch's big.
Need a good many to make a queen size .
I though I would put some bright colors into it.

I want to order a panel for the middle but he is into games and I  don't know what games .Was going to order one for him and one for Addie with animals on it.  She is working for as vet. this summer and want to be a vet when she goes to collage.
Sis came over and brought some books late yesterday.
I started this about 6 and finished at 12.
Tommy got hooked on a movie about storm surge flooding London that didn't end until 12:30.
Very good book!


Angie&Gary Short said...

I like your blocks. The bright colors are cool too! said...

Your quilt is looking good. I have a book by that author. Maybe my next book to read. The one I have is called A Cold Day for Murder.

margaret said...

blocks working well being big you will not need so many. That was a quick read must have been very gripping

valerie boudier said...

I love those books - have read most of the series