Friday, June 2, 2017

May finish's at the bottom of this post.

Hi friends!
All I liked finishing this top was some black on the other side and I added that the other day.

Found the backing last night, just bought it Monday and had already "lost" it.
Now I have all the pieces on the back enclosed porch waiting for me to finish with my Daughter's quilt.
I have her quilt on the couch needing the binding sewed down, so at least I got some thing done.
When we went out to Gainesville we got a room at the Ramada Inn. Great room with any thing we could need but when we went to bed Tommy turned down the air,
 After about a hour I wake back up freezing. I had left my blanket in the car and though about going down stairs[ forth Floor] to get it in my gown. I looked every where for some thing to keep me warm!
I finally gave up and got the towels out of the bath room and put them over the cover and got one of the king-sized pillows and put it long way between me and Tommy to knock off some air and was able to sleep. The next morning Tommy woke me up looking for the towels!
He should know me by now!!!!
I freeze !!
My finish's for May was .....
Blake's Quilt
And lots and lots of these!
So at least I have gotten some thing done last month!
Have a good one


Julierose said...

Beautiful finishes for May--you surely are getting a lot done.
I really like that black and red together with those borders...very nice work.

I finally got my dresden pin basted this going to let it rest a bit before quilting on the machine...pulled muscles in my right side ROTARY CUTTING--imagine that?
I think I need a sharper blade and to let the cutter do the work and stop pressing so hard--and a new cutting mat as this one is warped...
after all this is the gal who cracked her ironing board pressing so HARD!! lol ;0000 Hugs for a lovely weekend Julierose said...

Nice finishes. And I am thrilled that I get 2-3 blocks done a month right now. :D

margaret said...

what a big quilt best of luck quilting it. Like you I feel the cold and certainly would not have air conditioning on

Needled Mom said...

Nice finishes for May. I am like you....I freeze in hotel rooms with the air on.

Annie said...

Nice finish, nice boy quilt.

Next time you are cold in a hotel/motel put in a call to the front desk, and they will deliver an extra blanket or whatever you nee,that's their job. I've had to ask for things even the middle of the night.

Chatty Crone said...

Nice quilt for Blake he is going to love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes those one room a/c's are hard to regulate! I do the same thing.

Keep warm. What did you do in Gainesville?