Thursday, January 28, 2016

Playing around

Hi friends!
I am hemming!  Just takes a while for this big a quilt. And i can only do it so long before my hands starts hurting.
You know me I need to sew so yesterday i started this!
This is going to be the border!
This is the box, just hoping it will look like that when I get through.  It's a kit that Sis gave me last year but i needed a zigzag machine to do it with.  My fingers want do that much hand  sewing.
Getting that machine for Christmas, I  had this in m,ind , plus mending Tommy's jeans and many other things that takes zigzag.  This should keep me busy for a while.  Every thing was in it but instead of black with white dots for the flower it just has solid black. Does any one have any ideas how i can make tiny white dots on it? I want to hang it up if it looks really good!
Got the top border on!!
I had to stop to make a visit to the Funeral Home last night. my best friend 's mother died so had to go see her, She had been sitting with her mother for 10 years to keep her out of the nursing home.
The night before we went to the same Funeral Home because a good friend lost her daughter , she was only 42 but had something bad wrong with her blood, Our friends only child! 4 grand kids left with out a mother.
When we got home Sis came over and brought some more books, I sack them up and put them on our enclosed back porch until our next trip to McKays. But i think that want be until the threat of snow  has gone , just as sure as we picked a date to go it would snow!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

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