Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Working on The Deer quilt

Hi friends!
I finished another row of wrench blocks and then added them after figuring out how big the strips in between must be.
Though about using this fabric and just having two borders
I looked at it and took pictures but just didn't really like it.  If I had had some more of the leaves that i made the wrench blocks with I would have used it but I didn't buy but 2 yards when I bought it , I should always buy at least 3 yards .I decided not to use it! So now to make some more wrench blocks  to make it at least a little longer.
I sewed some white around these and trimmed them all to six inches. 
Ironed on the interfacing on all the six inch squares.
Sis came over late and i closed my sewing room for the day.
Have a good one


Chatty Crone said...

Girl you work so hard - but it is sure worth it! said...

I used that leaf fabric on my turkey runner borders. Thanks tons.