Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gracie's quilt!

Hi friends!
It has been a beautiful day.
 We have been on the road all day enjoying this day!
When i laied our my blocks  i knew i need three more star blocks, so here  they are !
We went to see hubby's sister today and gave her a pillow and some towels and pot holders that i had made for her and her hubby.
Her hubby does most of the cooking so he will need them .  Their birthdays are close together and last year i cooked lunch for them . this year she has been sick so i just made her some things.
well i am wore out so i am getting off here.  To old to run around all day!
Have a great night!
Quilt happy


Chatty Crone said...

Gracie is going to love it. sandie

Kari Jackson said...

LOVE IT!! I love the little elephant/owl square!! She will Love it!!!! Her room is purple, so it will go in there good! See y'all Next Sunday (: Love you.

Val Spiers said...

Great blocks. The quilt will be lovely.

laurajane said...

Gracie's quilt blocks are coming along well.Soon have this one finished Babs.
Glad you had a good day,lovely to visit family.xx