Monday, April 22, 2013

Working and a win

a win!
laying out a quilt.
 left over blocks that my sis gave to me from one of her quilts
My walking foot
Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I won a giveaway from hoodies and flipflops last week and it came today.   Isn't that the cutest fabric
Jenifer Gail has great taste in fabric  .Flipflop fabric and route 66 fat quarters and the cutest little sign.
Click on her blog and visit with her for a while. You will love her blog. thanks jennefer.
hoodies and flipflops
 The second picture is Gracies quilt laied out to see how i want it to go.
The third is some blocks that my sis had left over when she made a quilt out of this amazing fabric. So i am making something from what she gave me.
I will quilt it with my walking foot that my sweet daughter got for me.
Got lots to do today so i will leave you with the wish for a happy sewing day.  Quilt happy


suemac said...

I like the colors in your quilt. I am a big purple fan.

Chatty Crone said...

I like the colors too and another win? sandie