Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hi friends!
Raining today!
I got the borders on and today i am working on the backing!
I am going to put extra blocks on the backing.
Yesterday I put these tomato's up and will try to put up soup  today.
I said i wouldn't put up as much this year and it looks like the garden is going to rot. with all the rain!

Blogger is being a xxxx again. Doesn't want to do any thing you tell it to.
Have a great sewing day friends!!  Quilt happy 


andsewon said...

Those are some pretty canned maters you have there! We need some rain. Seems they get it around us but passes us by. A few weeks ago we had it seemed like every day!

Chatty Crone said...

It is raining here too! Still love those tomatoes. sandie

Barb said...

You are making great use of the the quilt!