Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tiny Bit of Sewing

Hi friends!
Yesterday I sewed a little , moved some furniture and then went to the funeral home to see Deborah's husband and son.
We went early so didn't see anyone that used to work with us. But we did meet her son.
I moved a table out of my sewing room into the living room.
I moved this next to my chair so I would have a lamp to see by.
I did do my hand sewing on the couch so I would have a lamp near but lately that spot has been freezing me so I moved.
Moved the machine Chris and Amy gave me in front of the window, using it right now for do-dads.
I have tried on line every where for a bobbin  case for it. So far no luck.
Have a good one


Julierose said...

Oh good luck finding a bobbin case...cute little stars...hugs, Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

Why did you not want to see any one from work?
You must have a huge sewing room!
That is awesome - you having that by the way.
Did you google the bobbin?

Ioleen said...

What kind of sewing machine is it. I have some singer sewing machine bobbins that you can have. Let me know.