Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hi friends!  Good to 'see' you.
I carried my 4 youngest grandkids to the dentist today, it was storming!!  Then i came home and hubby took me out to eat for our    15th anniversary . It was good!!! I had broiled cat fish.  It was very good. So you see i am still thinking about that bloodwork we go  for on Monday.
Do you see that bunch of scraps  , i won brooke's scrap giveaway again. How is that for lucky!!!
And look at those labels she put in there!!!  I was just thinking that i needed to get me some for my quilts.  She has the best scraps ever.  I have used a bunch on red haired girl's quilt.
It stormed here last night, nearly 2 inches, today while i was caring the grandkids back home after visiting the dentist it pour on us. We get nearly 1 1/2 inches today.
 We went thou the drive thou and got them some take out at McDonald because they are the best kids going to the dentist, have never shed a tear.  I can't brag on then enough.  All 7 of the kids she still has at home are the best behaved kids. you can take them anywhere and they are good, must be because when you have a lot of kids they look at for each other. I have been caring them sense the baby was 4, he is 9 now.
Well got to get some work done before the day is gone. Good sewing     Quilt Happy

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