Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hi friends!!! It's cloudy today!!
Hubby has been cutting   grass and i have been getting as many green beans as i can put up, of the rest of our beans and finally hubby cut them down.
I carried 5 big bowls of scrap out and got rid of it.
I still have some tomatoes that i have to do something with.
I have backed my baby quilt with pink flannel and stitched in the ditch and am ready to sew on the binding.
 And i  put another block on the pink quilt.
Hubbby got me a three draw chest yesterday but all i could get in it was one box and a half of another. I still have a big bag and a box and all that i have out working on of my fabric to find some place for.
 I have a big robe cabinet but don't have a place to put it. Maybe i need to to clean some of my craft stuff out of my pie safe and see if i can make room in it.  The robe was mothers and my son wonted it but hasn't come and got it and i have been holding it for 7 years . I guess his wife doesn't wont it in her house.
Well must work!!!!  Good sewing  Quilt Happy


sewyouquilt2 said...

hey! I see a familiar blue piece of fabric! it looks nice. great job! I have got to get to some canning this year. no jellies made, no relish,or stewed tomatoes. Gotta get busy.will have to buy as garden was a flop this year. oh well got some kale frozen for soup and some zuchinni shredded and frozen for bread. at least something is done.

CynthiaT59 said...

Cute blanket! You sound like you have been busy!